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Thursday, February 9, 2023

Low emission scheme could hurt Hong Kong

Posted to Far East Maritime (by Greg Knowler) on November 20, 2013

In the first nine months of this year, Shenzhen port handled almost a million boxes more than Hong Kong. There is little doubt that it will move past its neighbour into the world's third busiest container port by the time the New Year bubbly is raised.

West Coast Deepens as East Coast Looks Elsewhere

Posted to Martin Rushmere (by Martin Rushmere) on June 10, 2010

Channel deepening is all the rage among ports, with Long Beach officially starting a $40 million project to dig out 1.5 million cubic feet of material to extend the main channel to 76 feet. “We’re sending a message to our customers. We want your discretionary cargo to come back…

Nathaniel Bowditch (1773-1838)

Posted to Maritime Musings (by Dennis Bryant) on February 9, 2010

Born in Salem, Massachusetts on March 26, 1773, Nathaniel Bowditch had little formal education. He left school at age ten to work in his father’s cooperage. He was then indentured as a bookkeeping apprentice to a ship chandler. Through prodigious self-study…

Liquefaction of Iron ore cargo caused vessel to list & ground

Posted to Liquefaction of Iron ore cargo caused vessel to list & ground (by Joseph Fonseca) on January 20, 2010

Investigation into the causes of grounding and subsequent listing of the 17,240 DWT Black Forest has only reaffirmed the dictum that the trade should have long term approach in establishing safety standards towards accident free image rather than profitability alone.


Posted to THE BUSINESS OF SUPERYACHTS - BRANSOM BEAN (by bransom bean) on December 5, 2009

It’s been an ironic couple of weeks for superyachts and frankly, I don’t quite know what to make of it all. First Warren Buffett bought BNSF www.bnsf.com , then Nordhavn www.nordhavn.com finally sold it’s first 120 foot long, er, “trawler” joining…

Law of the Sea - Continental Shelf Updates

Posted to Subsea (by Chuck Bunton) on November 23, 2009

Mexico and Ireland are the first two coastal States to implement Article 76 paragraph 9 of the Convention on the Law of the Sea by depositing with the UN-Secretary General charts and relevant information, including geodetic data, permanently describing the outer limits of their continental shelves.

White House Job Summit Could Start With Easing Business Climate

Posted to Gulf Coast Maritime (by Matt Gresham) on November 13, 2009

Skyrocketing healthcare costs are the fault of big bad insurance companies. High fuel costs are the fault of Big Oil. Wall Street’s woes are solely the responsibility of greedy CEOs and out-of-control investment bankers. One would think anyone…