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Thursday, February 9, 2023



Joshua James - Lifesaver

Posted to Maritime Musings (by Dennis Bryant) on March 16, 2012

Joshua James (1826-1902) served as a lifesaver for 60 of his 75 years. Born in Hull, Massachusetts, he joined the Massachusetts Humane Society (an organization modeled on the Royal National Lifeboat Institution – RNLI) at age 15 after his mother and one of his sisters died in a ship wreck.

Repairing Steel Vessels in Louisiana

Posted to Ship Building in the US Gulf Coast Region (by Tyler LeCompte) on January 30, 2012

LEEVAC offers a full range of vessel repair and conversion services, including the latest in marine paint products and techniques, sandblasting, steel replacement, mechanical repairs and upgrades, electrical repairs and upgrades – as well as warehousing services.

United States Light House Service

Posted to Maritime Musings (by Dennis Bryant) on November 11, 2011

One of the first pieces of legislation adopted by the First Congress of the United States in 1789 was a measure providing for the new federal government to assume responsibility for the lighthouses previously erected by the colonial governments.

ISE Explorer AUVs to Map Arctic Seabed

Posted to Subsea (by Chuck Bunton) on October 21, 2009

International Submarine Engineering (ISE) handed over two Explorer Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) to Natural Resources Canada (NRCan). The vehicles will be deployed to the high Arctic next year to map the seabed in support of Canada’s…