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Wednesday, February 8, 2023



Rates riding a new record low on Asia-Europe

Posted to Far East Maritime (by Greg Knowler) on October 5, 2013

Rates on the Asia-Europe trade have fallen to an abysmal level. We are hearing of forwarders securing freight rates of as low as US$900 per container, which is well below any kind of sustainable level as far as shipping lines are concerned.

Hope & Change: a level playing field in the New Year…

Posted to Global Maritime Analysis with Joseph Keefe (by Joseph Keefe) on December 29, 2010

With just one weekly MarPro column left to craft before the candle flickers and dies on 2010, I’m tempted to do the ‘year in review’ thing or perhaps deliver an inspirational message to the troops. Instead, I find myself fixated upon a reader response to my December 15 edition…