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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Battle of Actium

Posted to Maritime Musings (by Dennis Bryant) on January 23, 2015

After the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 B.C., the Roman Republic was led by the Second Triumvirate, which consisted of Octavian (the adopted son of Julius Caesar), Mark Antony (the magister equitum of Caesar’s army), and Marcus Aemilius Lepidus (a political ally of Julius Caesar).

Magnetic poles

Posted to Maritime Musings (by Dennis Bryant) on August 5, 2014

The magnetic poles are the two points on the surface of the Earth at which the magnetic field points vertically down or up (in the northern and southern hemispheres respectively). These points are located near, but not at the northern and southern geographic poles.

The U.S. Department of Transportation

Posted to Global Maritime Analysis with Joseph Keefe (by Joseph Keefe) on May 8, 2013

Fully 6 months after winning a second term in office, President Obama has (finally) nominated a candidate for U.S. Secretary of Transportation to replace outgoing DOT Chief Ray LaHood. On April 29th, Anthony Foxx, the Mayor of Charlotte, N.C., was tapped for the role.

SMP conference takes the gateway to growth

Posted to SMP conference takes the gateway to growth (by Joseph Fonseca) on February 20, 2012

The last few months have seen a number of conferences and exhibitions taking place in different metros of India most of them going unnoticed. However, the SMP World Conference 2012 which is always conducted on a dual theme was different. For…

Cross-currents show up in the Harbor Maintenance Tax uproar

Posted to Martin Rushmere (by Martin Rushmere) on December 29, 2011

That proposal to apply the Harbor Maintenance Tax to imports taking the long way round through Canada and Mexico is stirring up considerable debate that exposes sharply different viewpoints. So much so that the Shipping Federation of Canada…

Port Royal

Posted to Maritime Musings (by Dennis Bryant) on October 1, 2010

Johnny Depp and Walt Disney have made a fortune in recent years with the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise films. Their take is puny by comparison to that of the real pirates who, from 1657 to 1692, operated out of Port Royal with the backing of the British Crown.

Getting supply and demand right not always good for carriers

Posted to Far East Maritime (by Greg Knowler) on August 17, 2010

So what is going on in the major trades? Forwarders say there has been no peak season and container lines are heading for some major overcapacity because of excess tonnage being brought in from lay-up and from newbuilding deliveries. Shipping lines…

Short, sharp services an alternative to slow steaming lines

Posted to Far East Maritime (by Greg Knowler) on August 12, 2010

There are interesting things happening on the transpacific container trade. Two new services are about to be launched, one by mainland line Hainan Pan Ocean Shipping and the second by US carrier Matson Line. According to the UK-based PR News Service…

ClassNK’s focus on R & D in India

Posted to ClassNK’s focus on R & D in India (by Joseph Fonseca) on July 28, 2010

Embarking on a research oriented course, NKClass has earned precious dividends which have helped it build ships which are a class apart. NKClass believes that R & D can be accomplished more effectively and efficiently while responding to customers’…

Fundraising Drive to Support Families of Guardians in Helicopter Tragedy

Posted to Coast Guard Foundation Launches Fundraising Drive (by Jocelyn Redfern) on July 12, 2010

Stonington, Conn. – The Coast Guard Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to the education, welfare and morale of all Coast Guard members and their families, announced today a fundraising drive for its emergency Family Disaster Relief…

Out of Africa: No Holiday from a Dangerous World

Posted to Global Maritime Analysis with Joseph Keefe (by Joseph Keefe) on July 7, 2010

Nairobi, Kenya: It was almost 21 years ago when my wife came up with the bright idea of visiting Africa – specifically Kenya – for the purpose of taking a photo safari. At the time, I did not necessarily share her burning passion to see the…

Beijing busy securing its bulk supply chain

Posted to Far East Maritime (by Greg Knowler) on March 25, 2010

Chinese steel giant Baoshan Iron & Steel Co (Baosteel) this week announced the launching of its first very large ore carrier. The 230,000 dwt Renda slid out of CSSC Guangzhou Longxue Shipbuilding, a new yard in Guangdong’s provincial capital.

No frills container carrier lining up for launch

Posted to Far East Maritime (by Greg Knowler) on February 11, 2010

Neptune Orient Lines just reported a loss of US$741 million for 2009. China Shipping Container Lines is expected to soon announce a loss of US$1 billion. Other results will begin to trickle in but no carrier handling containers will have done well last year.

Chasing market share will kill container lines

Posted to Far East Maritime (by Greg Knowler) on October 22, 2009

The term “wake-up call” is being heard more frequently from shipping executives as they contemplate GDP-sized losses this year. The problem is that it gives the impression of a gently buzzing alarm clock next to the bed. The wake-up call being…