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Thursday, February 9, 2023

When America Sneezes …

Posted to Global Maritime Analysis with Joseph Keefe (by Joseph Keefe) on May 17, 2018

The rest of the world catches a cold.It’s been a long time since I served as a ship expeditor and cargo surveyor, immediately following my career at sea. In those days, the vast majority of cargo superintendents serving on the U.S. Gulf Coast…

Laudable Logistics: Happy Holidays from Hong Kong

Posted to Global Maritime Analysis with Joseph Keefe (by Joseph Keefe) on November 22, 2016

Hong Kong’s impressive logistics hub(s) set to get even better. A local look at all of it from the sixth annual Asian Logistics and Maritime Conference provides unique perspective.Hong Kong: This week’s version of the Asian Logistics and Maritime Conference is an eye opener.

STS Sedov

Posted to Maritime Musings (by Dennis Bryant) on October 14, 2014

The sail training ship Sedov was built in Kiel, Germany in 1921 as the Magdalene Vinnen II. It is a steel-hulled four masted barque and has an auxiliary diesel engine. Operated as a cargo ship by F.A. Vinnen & Company of Bremen, it carried cargoes of coal…

Algae blooms

Posted to Maritime Musings (by Dennis Bryant) on May 28, 2013

Algae are single-celled protists (primitive organisms with both plant and animal characteristics) also known as phytoplankton. There are a wide variety of algae and they are commonly found in fresh water and marine environments. In certain conditions…

Revenue from sale of NOL building a relief to battered balance sheet

Posted to Far East Maritime (by Greg Knowler) on July 11, 2012

When it comes to investment strategies, property is generally deemed to be a highly attractive long-term prospect. That’s why people in the financial advising business advise people to buy rather than rent. No point in paying off your landlord’s home.

Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo

Posted to Maritime Musings (by Dennis Bryant) on June 8, 2012

The man known to history as Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo (or Joao Rodrigues Cabrilho) was born in 1499 or 1500 in either Spain or Portugal. He appears to have formally acquired the surname Cabrillo (or Cabrilho) late in life. He arrived in Cuba as…

Falkland Islands

Posted to Maritime Musings (by Dennis Bryant) on May 8, 2012

The Falkland Islands consist of two moderately-sized islands and over 700 small islands and rocks in the South Atlantic Ocean approximately 290 miles east of the Strait of Magellan. The islands (and its 3,000 permanent residents) are a self-governing British Overseas Territory.

Aves Island

Posted to Maritime Musings (by Dennis Bryant) on October 26, 2010

Aves Island or Isla de Aves is located in the Caribbean Sea west of the Lesser Antilles (115 miles southwest of Montserrat, 140 miles west of Dominica, and 340 miles north of Venezuela). It provides a nesting place for sea turtles and birds – many birds.

DNV’s Quantum Container Ship

Posted to Marine Propulsion Report (by Keith Henderson) on April 16, 2010

In this month’s DNV Container Ship Update publication, the new container ship survey and design produced under the project name of Quantum brings many subjects together in one report. Although it is a concept ship it is a practical design that could be ordered today but equally well…

100% scanning – 50% dead

Posted to Maritime Musings (by Dennis Bryant) on December 8, 2009

As Congress was reviewing draft legislation to implement the recommendations of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks upon the United States, someone made a suggestion. The proposal would require, by 2012, each maritime shipping container…

Gulf Coast States Hoping to See Green This St. Paddy’s Day

Posted to Gulf Coast Maritime (by Matt Gresham) on November 18, 2009

Offshore oil and gas pundits typically get a feel for the future of a region and the health of the industry by gauging interest and bid amounts during regular MMS lease sales. The next scheduled sale for the Gulf of Mexico is set for March 17, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced.

Where to find the blog.

Posted to BitterEndBlog.com (by Richard Rodriguez) on November 12, 2009