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Thursday, February 9, 2023

Marine Cargo Vessel Inspection Surveyors and Consultancy in Turkey

Posted to Global Marine Cargo Vessel Inspection Surveyors and Consultancy (by Vietnam Inspection Company) on July 30, 2014

Turkey Inspection in Turkey/ Expediting/ Surveillance/ Inspector/Expediter/  Quality control/ Testing/ Certificate/ Marine Surveyors/Superintendent P&I Correspondents Insured cargo, marine investigation & adjusting in Turkey, Countries. Dr Capt.

Cape Cod Canal

Posted to Maritime Musings (by Dennis Bryant) on July 15, 2014

The Cape Cod Canal is a seven-mile long sea level canal connecting Cape Cod Bay to the north with Buzzards Bay to the south. Maintained by the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), it has a minimum channel width of 480 feet and an authorized depth of 32 feet at mean low water.

Taiping Island

Posted to Maritime Musings (by Dennis Bryant) on June 24, 2014

The Spratly Islands are a group of islets, cays, atolls, and coral reefs located in the southern portion of the South China Sea. Taiping Island (also called Itu Aba Island) is the largest of these islets and the only one with fresh water springs.

Integrating India’s Transport Network

Posted to Integrating India’s Transport Network (by Joseph Fonseca) on March 24, 2014

The logistics sector in India has today become an area of priority. One prime reason for it stems from the fact that years of high growth in the Indian economy have resulted in a significant rise in the volume of freight traffic movement. This…

Abel Tasman

Posted to Maritime Musings (by Dennis Bryant) on May 4, 2012

Abel Tasman (1603-1659) was a Dutch merchant and explorer. He is credited with the European discovery of Australia and New Zealand. He joined the Dutch United East India Company (Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie - VOC) in 1633 and was promptly…

Leevac Creating Jobs in Louisiana

Posted to Ship Building in the US Gulf Coast Region (by Tyler LeCompte) on March 30, 2012

LEEVAC Shipyards, LLC (Jennings, Louisiana) - is expected to use a $667,324 U.S. Transportation grant to purchase a pipe and tube bending system that will bend pipes to the correct geometry required, eliminating the need to weld pipe sections by hand.

A tax on imports through foreign ports defeats logic

Posted to Martin Rushmere (by Martin Rushmere) on December 26, 2011

What will lobbyists and politicians think of next? Most people in the industry had considered the possibility of the US taxing inward-bound cargo that goes through Canadian and Mexican ports and then heads on by rail and/or truck. But the notion verged on the preposterous – and so of course…

Coal to move through Inland waterways in India

Posted to Coal to move through Inland waterways in India (by Joseph Fonseca) on August 22, 2011

What until now was considered a domain of the river cruise and tourists’ operators and to some extent that of logistics solution providers, the inland water transport (IWT) is set to get a major boost with the government of India apparently having finally got its act together.

Henry Morgan

Posted to Maritime Musings (by Dennis Bryant) on August 19, 2011

Henry Morgan (1635-1688) was born in Wales and died in Jamaica. Between those two dates, he lived a notorious and audacious life. At age twenty, he sailed to Barbados where he served as an apprentice to a cutler. Three years later, he showed up in Jamaica as a soldier of fortune.

Results of the April 12-13 Meeting of NMSAC – Part 2

Posted to Maritime Transportation Security News and Views (by John C.W. Bennett) on April 22, 2011

This is the second post covering the most recent meeting of the National Maritime Security Advisory Committee. The first post dealt with briefings and discussions on Seafarer Access to Shore, CDC Security, and the TWIC Program. After those issues…

Captain James Cook

Posted to Maritime Musings (by Dennis Bryant) on January 14, 2011

Captain James Cook (1728-1779) was Britain’s preeminent explorer, as well as an accomplished navigator and cartographer. He honed his navigation and cartography skills during the Seven Years War when, among other things, he completed the first detailed chart of the rugged coast of Newfoundland.