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Monday, February 6, 2023

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Mentoring the way for onshore employment

Posted to Mentoring the way for onshore employment (by on September 12, 2012

Institute of Marine Engineers (Mumbai Branch) lends a helping hand to those who want to settle for shore jobs

An economic crisis is not the best of times for seafaring with downsizings, rationalization, layoffs, et al being the order of the day. Instead of waiting endlessly for their turn to join a ship, an increasing number of seafarers are looking for placement on shore. 


Knowing well that mere sailing experience is not going to get them very far, the Institute of Marine Engineers (Mumbai Branch) has taken the responsibility of going beyond what training institutes offer by conducting comprehensive modular courses with the objective of fast-tracking the learning process. These courses are not only open to marine engineers who want to come ashore but also other sailing staff and those already employed in ship management, manning, logistics or other allied companies.  


According to their Secretary, Vijendra Jain the Institute feels obligated to extend a helping hand to fellow seafarers and others from allied fields at ‘no-loss no-profit; basis. The response has been tremendous with remarkable support from the trade and other professional organizations. “We have already conducted three courses in quick succession,” Jain stated. “We realize there is an enormous need for up-gradation. There are several aspects one needs to be familiar with in the day-to-day operations. There are a new set of regulations coming forcefully into the system and everyone wants to know more about them. Most of the courses being conducted are absolutely current in order to ensure that the concerned people are not caught on the wrong foot when new regulations come into force.”


The modular courses offering a wide range of subjects help in supplementing the participants’ experience and prepare them to meet the challenges in their new occupation. Last week it conducted the third set of modular courses which included Project & Asset Finance, Voyage & Time charter operations, Basics of Maritime Commerce (including trading, law, insurance and economics).


As the courses are designed following popular demand, those who attend them have much to say. Participants find it a rewarding experience though they maintain that they are not in the big league. Even though the courses give limited exposure they feel that they help to create a lot of confidence and operational maturity. Many of those already serving with various organizations consider that these courses will help them to be a bigger asset to their employers.    


In their lectures, the experts besides helping to dole out formulae for meeting various types of challenges which they could encounter, they often help to advise on how best to get out of a tight situation and ensure that one does not generally go wrong. Though the experts may give advice or share their experiences, but at the end of the day participants have an opportunity to establish a relationship with them and seek their guidance when required or even be their mentors as long as they wish.