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Friday, December 2, 2022

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GL Academy takes on a king maker’s role

Posted to GL Academy takes on a king maker’s role (by on August 25, 2010

GL Academy has set a new trend in maritime training. By entering into joint ventures with organizations having affinity for training it helps to provide the desired edge.

The mushrooming institutes in dedicated to maritime training clearly reflect the growing opportunities prevalent in the region. Established institutes are going in for capacity expansion both in the number being trained as well as the courses offered. But it does not stop there!

Driven by an incessant urge to add value to maritime education in the South Asian region Germanischer Lloyd Academy (GLA) appears to have spruced up every strategy in the trade to enhance competency in the region. It recently made unbridled strategic maneuvers to champion the cause of maritime training and conduct courses in important centers of . Going further it has entered into alliances with some leading organizations with a penchant for training.

Recently GLA’s focus has been on establishing joint ventures as an added effort to
create a top class trainer base. It is another means of investing in the most valuable resource - the employees. This goes well with companies dedicated to ship manning, ship management, ship owning, shipyard and ship repairs, as GL offers a comprehensive range of attractive courses and workshops customized exclusively for each distinctive workforce. Company-related training programs are tailor made by GLA’s on the modular system. Seminar participants receive professional training with practical references and can take advantage of the experience of a globally operating organization of experts. 

“We signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Colombo International Nautical and Engineering College (CINEC), Sri Lanka on July 1 2010 with the vision of both the parties being to create a strong impact on professional development training in the maritime industry,” stated Head of GL Academy (South Asia) Kaushik K. Seal who has been instrumental in establishing the Mumbai based GL’s Academy for South Asia. “CINEC is ’s largest private Higher Education facility, providing ‘World Class Excellence in Education and Training’. We can extend our operations to other areas of education and training as well under this MOU. GLA is well on its way to forming a JV with a private university in New Delhi for establishing a Maritime Wing for running maritime training courses which will be totally managed and operated by GL Academy.”

Mr Seal informs about two other significant JVs being in the offing. First with the Kolkata based ‘The Naval Connection’ (TNC) which is a complete talent transformation company for mariners. Besides setting up a training institute it will jointly conduct the International Maritime Symposium 2011 in Kolkata next year. The second is with IFS Academy which has been in training since 2004 primarily in Engineering and CAD/CAE training.

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